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Discover all the advantages of a Savings by Design home.

Move into more energy savings.

Home ownership is a big investment. It’s also probably the biggest purchase of your life, so it makes sense to protect your most valuable asset. Because Savings by Design (SBD) homes are built to be 25% more efficient than required by the 2012 Ontario Building Code, you can save hundreds on your energy costs. That puts money back in your pocket for groceries, education funds, vacations and more.


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Protect yourself from rising energy costs.

After your mortgage, energy bills are among your greatest monthly expenses. And with Ontario’s typically cold winters, you know how important it is to heat your home. It’s always possible that energy prices could rise and if they do, so will your savings. 25% more energy efficiency means you can worry 25% less, too. With a home built to SBD standards, you can:

  • Reduce your home’s energy use by as much as 25% – and using less means you’ll be paying less too
  • Reduce your heating costs – an energy efficient furnace can save you up to 25% in one year1
  • Reduce your overall energy costs – saving you around $480 annually or around $40/month.2 Over time, that can really add up.



Future proofing adds up to more money saved.

Savings by Design homes are built to be “future proofed” – so they are as durable and energy efficient as possible. Each SBD home is also verified by a 3rd party certified energy rater to ensure it meets the 25% beyond code requirement. 25% better energy performance means 25% lower energy bills, putting more money in your pocket for future investments, even helping you to pay off your mortgage sooner. With a Savings by Design home, you’ll be saving on energy, and money, for years to come.

Example of energy costs savings in a Savings by Design home*

(Compared to a reference home built to the 2012 Ontario Building Code. Accumulated savings assume a 7% annual energy cost increase.)

Per Month $40
Per Year $480
After 5 Years $2,760
After 10 Years $6,630
After 20 Years $19,675

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*Energy costs savings based on a 2012 Ontario Building Code reference house, measuring a gross floor area of 2,400 Sq. Ft. or 3,400 Sq. Ft. of conditioned air space including the basement. Energy costs include space and water heating, air conditioning, electricity use and exclude water usage costs.