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Savings by Design builders “build it right”.

Why do builders choose to build with Savings by Design?

Builders who build to Savings by Design (SBD) standards are true leaders in the marketplace. They care about homeowners, their impact on the environment, and how to make new homes last for generations to come. They also believe in future-proofing the homes they build – which is “the process of anticipating the future and developing methods of minimizing the effects of shocks and stresses of future events.” 1 That means that SBD homes are built to help protect you from rising energy costs – as the more efficient the home, the less the impact on your wallet.

Aren't all new homes energy efficient?

Yes, to a degree. Because new homes in Ontario must meet stricter building codes, they are generally more energy efficient than older, resale homes. But, not all new homes and builders are equal, and not all achieve the same level of energy efficiency. A home built to SBD standards achieves 25% more energy efficiency than required by the 2012 Ontario Building Code (OBC). For you the homeowner, that means monthly and yearly savings that can go towards education funds, RRSPs, vacations and more.

We're working towards zero net energy comsumption.

Ontario’s mission is for all new buildings to be Net Zero by 2030. A “net zero” building is one with zero net energy consumption, which means the total energy used by the building annually is roughly equal to the amount of renewable energy it creates.2 Just imagine a home that that produces what it consumes! Savings by Design homes are built with that goal in mind, and we are getting closer and closer.

But how do we get to net zero without breaking the bank? Energy efficient buildings cost more money to build and that’s why the Savings by Design program was developed – to help builders do the right thing. By providing incentives when builders successfully construct homes 25% beyond code, we help to offset the costs of building more energy efficient homes. SBD’s Integrated Design Process also gives builders the advantage of having a team of experts – to help design the most energy efficient homes possible, that are still affordable for homeowners.




Illustration of a 2-storey home drawn without an exterior wall so that the inside rooms are visible. The basement and earth beneath is also visible.