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Better for homeowners. Better for the environment. Better for Ontario.

Why we created Savings by Design

More energy efficient homes benefit us all. Building more of them means less demand on Ontario’s energy supply, less impact on the environment, and lower energy bills and improved comfort for homeowners. At Enbridge, we understand that your home is probably the biggest investment you will ever make. That’s why we believe in creating more “future proofed” homes – designed to be as durable and energy efficient as possible.

Savings By Design is just one of the many energy conservation programs we offer as part of our ongoing commitment to helping all homeowners reduce their energy use. Enbridge Gas Distribution is a Utility regulated by the Ontario Energy Board and required to conserve energy through the development of programs like Savings By Design.


Photo of a young family excitedly looking at blueprints for their new house. Their partially constructed house in the background.

Energy efficiency is just the right thing to do.

To put it simply, we created the Savings by Design program to set an example, as it’s the right thing to do. While energy efficiency has played a more prominent role in home design than in the past, there remains room for improvement. We needed to find ways to keep the momentum going in the marketplace and reward those who are doing the right thing.

Enbridge has strong relationships with builders and we want to see them succeed. However, building with more energy efficient technologies can be costly and challenging. This is where Enbridge comes in – we help offset the costs by providing incentives to builders – enabling them to “design it right” up front – to achieve the most energy efficient buildings possible. If you are thinking of purchasing a newly built home, a Savings By Design home is one of the best decisions you can make.

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