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How to maximize the energy efficiency of your new home.

Even in the most energy efficient houses, such as SBD built homes, there are still things you can do to reduce energy use and lower your energy bills.

In the spring and summer
  • Set your air conditioner temperature at the correct set point – 24 degrees
  • Turn the AC off when you’re away on vacation
  • Turn off the AC and open up windows on cooler days for natural ventilation
  • Keep shades, blinds and drapes closed to block out the sun and heat
  • Hang clothes to dry outside instead of using a dryer
In the fall and winter
  • Lower your thermostat by two degrees during the day – you could save as much as 4% on your heating bill. Or, buy a smart thermostat that reads when you are not home or allows you to control it from your mobile phone
  • Set your thermostat 3°C (5°F) lower while you're asleep or away from home – you could save up to 6% on your heating bill1
  • Turn off heat in unused rooms and shut the doors
  • Make sure your ceiling fan blades are turning in a clockwise direction, so that warm air is pushed from the ceiling down into the room
  • Use a programmable thermostat to adjust temperatures according to your schedule. Or a smart thermostat – that reads your behavior and knows when you are there or not – adjusting it on your behalf or allowing you to adjust it via your mobile phone
  • Only use the clothes washer and dryer for full loads
  • Wash at a lower temperature
  • Use your dryer for consecutive loads – the built-up heat means less energy spent
  • Install energy-saving light bulbs that can last up to ten times longer than a normal bulb
  • Unplug electronic devices that you’re not using – especially when you go on vacation2
  • Install motion sensors on external and internal lights

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Photo of a woman opening the drapes of a big window. There are venetian blinds behind the drapes and the blinds are open as well. Trees and bright sunlight are showing through the window.